Sunday, October 21, 2007

PIQF Shopping

And finally a report on my shopping at PIQF. A lot of damage could have been done but I had great restraint.
This is the result from my second visit to the $5 a yard booth, I selected these fabrics to start a new tote bag when I joined by Internet friends Lynda and Kathe for a sewing day at their hotel suite. All I got accomplished was the nine 9 patches you see in the background, but it was a great day catching up with friends.
This was my first day's fabric purchases, the 1/2 yard pieces from the $5 a yard booth and some lovely fat quarters of black and white fabric that I couldn't resist. In case you are interested, the $5 a yard booth is for the store The Creation Station, they have a web site and are working on an on-line store, right now they don't have any of their quilting cottons, but there is a lot of flannel.
Gadgets of course: From the top - Seams Perfect to line up your 1/4" seam. I used it on Lynda's machine, it was lovely. It doesn't look like it will go on my Pfaff but I can use it on my Featherweight or Juki. Then there is the Olfa rotary circle cutter with the free replacement blades. I've used it already, and it works great. I'm going to leave you guessing about what that piece of dowel is for, I didn't purchase it but it was a gift from Master Shoppers Lynda and Kathe (and a cause for much humor). Finally I got the Curve Master, a special foot for your sewing machine so you can sew curved seams like Drunkard's Paths without pinning. The tweezer thing next to it was included for holding your fabric. I used it yesterday and it works great, with a little more practice I can see how you could really churn out curved blocks - which can be cut with the circle rotary cutter!
Here is the boy and his cat, looking oh so cute together.
Notice how the cat has her paw possessively on the remote control. It is an issue in our family.