Friday, October 19, 2007

PIQF - report 3

Here are the rest of the pictures that are fit for publication. I really had intentions of posting this yesterday, but we lost power in the afternoon. The "huge windstorm" that was predicted didn't blow that much here, but managed to blow down a tree limb that took out the power line down the road, so we were without power from 2:45 (the wind started gusting around 2:00) until about 9:00 pm. But not to worry, we were in complete comfort as we have a generator so no TV was missed.

Quilts - once again the info I have is below the picture.

This one was stunning, you can't see the lovely accent beads in the design. And a blue ribbon, unfortunately the picture I took of the label is entirely blurry.
Sorry, no info on this one.
Looks like Jeannette Gillian of New Zealand, titled "#8067 Kowhai". This appears to be from a special exhibit so it's not in the program.
This one, like the one above was from the World Quilt Competition Tour. Sadoko Negishi titled "White Fairies"

I'm posting these last two even though they aren't as clear as I'd like because it was a neat exhibit. This was a challenge for the Mendocino Quilt Artists where their quilts had to include a bed, a quilt to fit the bed and a living creature. They were a lot of fun.

That's all I have, I did a search and there are other pictures out there, a good collection is in
Floribunda52 Flicker account. She saw a lot of quilt I never saw.