Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Kitten Pictures

Has it been long enough since I've posted cute kitten pictures? Sophie is now 6 months old and is quite helpful in the studio. Here she is relaxing in a basket after I dumped out the fabric scraps. "Why are you pointing that strange thing at me again?"

Since I've cleaned up up my studio, there are less cozy places for napping (i.e. piles of fabric)
But there is still lots of fun to be had, I attached this ball to a strip of fabric tied to the supports under my table. The box and Featherweight case give her lots of interesting heights and angles to attack it from, creating full minutes of distraction before she attacks something she shouldn't.
In other exciting news, I finally took my sewing machine in to the shop, you might remember my frustration for the last several months because I couldn't get the new light bulb in. Well, in 15 seconds the store manager had it in, she tried to make me feel better by telling me that lots of people bring their machines in to have the light bulb changed, I was just happy it was done. On to machine quilting practice. Yesterday I pieced some scraps together for something interesting to practice on, if it isn't too horrible I can use it as part of a tote bag - I have a hard time just practicing and then tossing out what I did.