Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tote Bag

I wanted to practice some machine quilting but I have a hard time just quilting on something with no purpose, so I decided to piece together some scraps, quilt it and then sew it into a tote bag.

I braved our blustery day outside to get some natural light pictures of it, and artistically pose it on some rocks.
The quilting went well, really boosted my confidence and it's a great little tote. I want to make more.

Dave bought a new car and he's very excited. It's a Nissan Rogue, a new model that Nissan just came out with, like their Murano only smaller. So here's the new car picture.

As I was walking around it to take another view, I noticed what was in the background, yes some of the other vehicles that reside here.
Starting on the far right is the Mouse Truck (beater for hauling wood), in the tent is Matt's Subaru, then there is Dave's Subaru which will be sold soon. It looks like there are canoes on top of it, but that's just the trailer of canoes that belong to the Boy Scouts sitting behind the car. Next is the Subaru Parts Car (doesn't run) which will go when Dave's Subaru is sold, and finally there is Big Red the dump truck. What you don't see are my car and the Suburban. Geesh!

And finally, here's a little fall color, my Smoke Tree. Most of my flowers are fading fast.