Saturday, September 29, 2007

First Fire

Fall has officially arrived at our house, we have the first fire in the wood stove this morning. It has been a lot cooler lately, borderline to needing a fire but my darling husband requested I start one as a salvo in the "kindling skirmish" we seem to have going on.

(He's unhappy with me for getting some scraps from a cabinet shop, lovely kindling. He feels that his wood working will create enough scraps to keep us in kindling all winter - plus I put the scraps in "his" garage!!! I said I would deal with it but he was insistent (and grumpy) about dealing with it in his own way. But I've got 2 lovely boxes full of kindling which will last a while).

If you are checking in here to see the progress of the studio clean out, you will be disappointed. While it is much better, there is still a lot of stuff in the hallway that needs a place. I just dumped out a large basket full of scraps and UFO's to see what's been piling up in there the last several years. I won't bore you with all my treasures, but look at these lovely 4" fall blocks my quilt group did a number of years ago (also note the clean table to lay them out on!!!)

And some inspirations are going up on the design wall for now.
I've been fascinated looking out the kitchen window at the falling leaves. The maple trees have these whirly-bird style seed pods that twirl as they float down. There is just enough breeze to have quite a show (we won't think about the raking yet.)

I'm not sure how much longer my flowers will bloom so I am cutting bouquets regularly for maximum enjoyment. Now that the sun is lower in the sky, there is a section that contains a lot of my zinnias that is constantly shaded by the trees.

As you can see in the upper left hand corner of the flower picture, I had got out some potatoes to start dinner, and the surprise in the bag was a heart shaped potato (which is still on the counter a week later.)