Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finished Piece.

Last night was my Stretching Exercises class and I woke up at5:30 am with an idea on how to finish my beach quilt. It only shows on close inspection, I hand stitched some texture in the water with metallic thread, and the sand on the far right has some clear beads to add sparkle.

It's a pretty simple piece, I wasn't able to accomplish my intention but I'm OK with it. I feel I was a bit too "literal" in my interpretation of the scene, I really wanted to show all the different textures. In the shower this morning I had an idea of how to do something not so literal but I'm feeling pressured with other projects, including the next class assignment so that will wait.
I took another picture of the piece on my cutting board thinking it might show the beads and metallic thread, which it doesn't but it's an interesting picture don't you think?

Now what is this???
Sophie kitty decided to climb up in my shelf of fabric and cutely peaked her darling nose out. Of course by the time I got the camera ready she was no longer posing, but you can see her white paws sticking out. Looks like both she and I were moving since even the fabric is blurry.