Sunday, September 23, 2007


Whenever I have creative problems, I blame it on the organization of my studio. I've never been really thrilled with my set up, but not ready to make the change. Lately I've done little things, yesterday I decided to clean out this bin of drawers which contained my polymer clay supplies that hadn't been touched in a couple of year. That stuff was boxed and moved to the attic so that I could use the drawers for my "speciality fabric". (Note: I moved this over by the bookshelf to catch the sun, it doesn't normally sit there)

Now, this is entirely different from my regular stash which is huge, but as I go different directions I save specific fabric separately. Here are by brights and batiks...
and my hand dyes. I just love them all lined up by color. If I use them they won't stay this way, but I love looking at them all organized.
So I woke up this morning determined to gut the room and re-do it. We shall see, already there has been too much computer time.
I've been knitting, got quite a bit done yesterday on the sock. It's Women's World Cup Soccer time and my soccer fanatic friend Linda does not get ESPN so I record the games and watch with her. I imagine having the second sock done by the finals (with a few football games thrown in)
Isn't it neat the way the yarn changes colors. And yes it seems a bit large and misshapen, but I hope it will fit Dave when done. I'm going for the just keep knitting in denial method of sizing.