Monday, August 06, 2007

Seems like it's time for more flower pictures. This lovely small sunflower grown from seed has recently opened. When I put them in the ground I thought the 2 other small plants next to this one were also sunflowers, but it wasn't long before I realized they were zinnias, they look a little odd in the back row next to this tall plant.
Here's the first bloom on my new Gallardia(probably spelled wrong). It needs support too so another trip to buy stakes is needed.
Here's my fabric splurge. Now there is a reason for every piece, let's see... I was shopping for birthday FQ's for my quilt group (but I remembered the request wrong for one); then there were some new Oranges and Grays for the class project; you've always got to buy black and white fabrics when you see ones you like; and then one store had all their FQ's on sale, including the batiks so I bought 11 FQ's, because when you buy 10 you get the 11th one free. You know how it goes.

I decided that I've "thought" about my class project long enough and it was time for action, besides I had new fabric to use. This is an in process shot of my "Orange" quilt, it went together very quickly though I've caused myself a bit of a problem.

My original plan was for no borders, but now I see that they are needed. Those are bias strip around the leaf petals and I decided that it would work to stitch through all 3 layers when I was sewing down the bias strip, quilt and stitch down at the same time. Now I've got to add on backing and batting when I add the borders, doable but extra work. I'm pleased how this has come up, let's just hope I can stay confident when I'm showing it in class.