Sunday, August 05, 2007

More Kitten

Warning: this post is laden with kitten pictures and cute kitten stories. Eventually I'll get back to having a life. But look, isn't she darling in the bag of batting on my studio floor!

We're having a spell of lovely summer weather, it's hard to stay indoors and do those mundane tasks of cooking and cleaning. Sophie the kitten thinks being outside is pretty wonderful too. We have a different kind of screen door on the French doors from the family room to the patio. They slide horizontally from the outside to the middle where the have a magnetic catch, the advantage to this door is that when it’s not in use it is rolled up on the edges and you don’t have too look through it. Here is Sophie enjoying the fresh air and sunshine between the screen and French door.

Since it rolls up it doesn’t have a hard bottom edge, it’s just loose screen running in a track. Proving that Sophie has some intelligence, she has figured out how to wiggle under the screen and get outside. We made some attempts at blocking her exit, but she figured out how to tip over the board and use it as a launching pad.
So we’ve decided if she’s smart enough to do that, she’s smart enough not to get lost in the yard. She's been quite venturesome but so far will come out of the bushes when called.
The relationship between the dog and the cat has been progressing. At first Sophie would arch her back and her tail would look like a wire brush when the dog was near. Jessie took the attitude of “if I don’t look at the kitten, it doesn’t exist”. You’d have the kitten in your lap and the dog would come up for petting, and give these sideways glances at the kitten while studiously looking everywhere else.

Things progressed, the kitten walked under the dog, the dog sniffed the kitten’s behind and all was well. There's been some nose to nose moments, if only I had a camera ready.

The dog's big fluffy tail, when wagging, is quite enticing to the kitten.

Sorry for the quality of the picture, but aren't they cute together.
There does seem to be a water bowl war going quietly on. The kitten prefers the dog's large water bowl for the occasional drink, so Jessie retaliates and quickly laps all the water out of Sophie's small water dish.

Please don't bother me I'm taking a nap.

Here's a little more of that scene, napping buddies.
Yesterday I went to the Anacortes Art Festival, and I seemed to be in the buying mood. Some things were presents, but I bought earrings, pottery bowls, and this wonderful kitty tent. Too cute.

Oh, and fabric, I bought "a bit" of fabric, more on that later.

I can't find the little thing-a-ma-bobber that I use to upload the pictures from the memory card of my camera to my computer. It's driving me crazy because I always keep it in the same spot. There is a slight possibility that Matt took it, but he's at a friends house so I'll have to wait. To get these pictures Dave downloaded them to his lap top, transferred them to a memory stick and then I transferred them to my computer. I was determined!