Friday, August 10, 2007


I like music, I just really don’t care to think about it. I know that sounds contradictory, but I love to have music in the background, I don’t like to have to choose what I listen to other than style, I want a continuous selection of great music. That’s why I really like Pandora, you put in an artist you like and they create a “channel” for you of similar music. You can further refine your channel by noting songs you like or dislike.

This is great for me when I’m in my studio, I just crank up the speakers on my PC. Sometimes if Matt is downloading something I have problems with the speed of our connection and there are breaks in the music. But I thought it would be really great to have this music in the whole house, when we built this house Dave made sure we had a built in speaker system, there are speakers in the kitchen, family room, bed room, studio, patio and even in the future pool room.

On the Pandora web site they link to this neat piece of equipment that you hook into your stereo to get internet radio, so I mentioned that I wanted one. What happened from there (it’s a man thing) is the Dave decided that now was the time to upgrade our amplifier, so after spending 3 times the amount I wanted he’s happy but I still don’t have my internet radio over the house speakers. (side note: the amp we had was not strong enough to power all the speakers we had, so this new amp was a “necessity”).

But he didn’t abandon my request, and found this wonderful little gadget at Radio Shack for $50. It’s a little transmitter and receiver, the transmitter hooks into the USB port on my computer and the receiver hooks into the stereo system, and voila, any music from my computer comes through the house speakers. When Kim was home she hooked it into her lap top and played her recorded music on the house system and thought it was "way cool".

Of course we aren't done here, because this devise transmits at 2.4GHz, which is the same as our cordless phones. We'd been having some problems with the phone batteries and were considering new ones, but this sealed the deal to get the 5.8 GHz phones - the jury is still out whether or not I like them.