Monday, July 16, 2007

Vacation Photos

For some reason this morning I got up and dressed an hour earlier than I thought. I glanced at the clock, saw it was time to get up so I showered, dressed, went for the coffee and looked at a different clock and saw it was only 6:20 - yikes! So with this extra hour I'll do my vacation post, with a kitten sitting on my lap.

Side note, she finally used the litter box, the new one hallelujah! And another peaceful night, except that Dave was snoring like a chain saw so kitty and I moved to the living room.

For our vacation we went to Eagle Crest Resort, which is between Redmond and Sisters, Oregon, nearest big city is Bend (about 20 miles away). We bought into the time share business about 10 years ago, haven't used it to it's full potential, but we sure get to stay in nice places for reasonable money. We had a lovely 1 bedroom condo on the golf course, the resort has lots of wonderful bike trails, indoor and outdoor pools, sports centers, putting course. Mostly I was lazy, reading or knitting. We did some exploring of the surrounding area including the High Desert Museum.

Group pose in front of the museum. There were lots of interesting displays including early mapping of Oregon, the life of the area's Indians, pioneers and wagons trains, animals of the area. It was the hottest day of our stay, July 4, saw a bank that said 100 degrees, so we enjoyed the coolness inside. Of course I had the visit the gift shop.

One of the blogs I regularly enjoy is the Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. She's a very talented writer, her posts are often humorous, and she has published 5 books centered around her love of knitting.

So here I am browsing among the trinkets in the gift shop, and there on prominent display is her book, Knitting Rules.

I'm not sure why this struck me, but I felt the need to take a picture.

Probably the highlight of the trip was rafting down the Deshutes River. It was a pretty short tour, little over an hour on the river, but we went through some fun rapids and jumped into the river and floated in just our life jackets to cool off. I couldn't seem to keep my seat in the rapids, but luckily I fell into the bottom of the raft rather than over the side.