Friday, July 20, 2007

Kitten Obsession

Still trying to get that perfect picture of the kitten, you know the one where she is looking at you all wide eyed. Of course when she is that alert she is constantly moving so those pictures are very blurry. Here she is all cuddled up on the tattoo, I mean on Kim.

And she quickly found that Dave's lap top is nice an warm.
Her favorite is Matt, here she is on his lap. She was suppose to be my kitty but has other ideas, and my tender hearted boy keeps trying to get her to hang around with me. I do get a little lap time when I'm at the computer in the morning, does make typing a little difficult.
And she quickly discovered my sewing table, a favorite napping spot.
Today we go for our first visit to the vet. She's been sneezing a lot so I suspect she has a respiratory infection, common in cats who have been at a shelter. Otherwise she is just purrfect.