Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cute Kittens

I've wanted to get a kitten for a long time, and now that we are back from vacation and home the rest of the summer it seems like the right time. There is an animal shelter down the street from where I work, so I stopped in yesterday afternoon. They had a few kittens but none spoke to me, some were way too young. Next stop was the Whatcom Humane Society. I hesitated to go there remembering the bad experience when we were looking for a dog, and unfortunately it was the same. Instead of greeting you with gladness that you are going to give one of their animals a home, the attitude is more of suspicion, you are not good enough for their animals.

The search will continue today. There are a couple of stores that host animals that need adopting on Saturdays, and if I don't see any I like there I may go back to the humane society with my 2 page application in hand. They bring in animals on Saturday that they have out in foster homes and there are some cute ones on their web site.

I'm still planning on doing a vacation post, we just didn't take many pictures. And I have to show you the sock I knit, third time is the charm (this is the 3rd one I've started, first I finished).