Monday, June 04, 2007

I See Goldfish

A couple of weeks ago Dave put 2 aeration pumps into the pond and got some special stuff to put into the biofilter, low and behold on Friday the pond was clear. That was both good and bad as there are things down there you don't necessarily want to see, one being a large pipe which is there so if we ever had a fire the Fire fighters could pump water from the pond to put it out.

But now we can see the goldfish, which I had doubts were even alive. Back in December Dave bought a dozen Walmart goldfish and put them into the pond, and he's done that twice more. The idea is that they will eat and grow and eventually be "Koi". I don't know for sure how many are actually alive but we've seen at least 10 for sure and they have grown. I think they tend to stay deep when we have duck visitors, but on Sunday when the ducks were gone they were frolicking near the surface.

I've taken numerous pictures of this lupine, finally got one that was publishable, I really need to get a tripod as I'm not the best at holding the camera steady.

We had quite the thunderstorm last night, and the rain and cooler weather has the slugs on a rampage, so I've got to get out with the Deadline before going to work.