Friday, June 01, 2007

Dumb Dog

Warm days lead to warm nights and sleeping with the window open, that is until 2:30 am when the dog sleeping next to the bed got a whiff of some animal scurrying outside and started barking. We didn't want her to continue to bark at the night creatures so I told her she had to go lay back down which she grudgingly did.

Jessie is a very polite dog. When she wants to go outside she just dances around. When you feed her she stands back until the bowl is on the floor and you walk away (not anything that I taught her - we adopted her when she was around 8 months old). So in the wee hours of the morning she continued to dance beside the bed and I continued to tell her to go lay down.

Finally when she had enough she went upstairs (which she rarely does) and got Matt out of bed to let her out. At least she only barked a few times - I guess she's not so dumb after all.