Thursday, May 31, 2007

Warm Weather

We're having a lovely warm spell, so I've been getting up early to have time to water all my tender young plants before work. Also if the ground is dry overnight it tends to discourage the slugs - it seems to help but I did get a new bottle of Deadline yesterday to further wage the battle. The few slugs that dare to walk in my flower beds get scooped into an old pot and taken across the yard - that'll teach them (or me)!

My boss and I were chatting this morning about the guy who exposed the other passengers on his airline flights to a potentially deadly strain of TB. We'll never really know whether he did it out of ignorance (as he claims) or selfishness. Luckily it sounds like the possibility of anyone actually being infected is very minimal, and I heard his wife was tested and has not been infected.

On to the next story, on a recent flight Kathy and her husband were sitting in first class, and a very large woman was trying to get on the plane, she was having a lot of trouble, due to her size and her ability to walk. The couple that was sitting in the front seats (First Class) got up and gave this woman their seats and took other seats in the back of the plane. I find this story totally amazing and very heartwarming.