Sunday, May 27, 2007

Yard Work

Time to get busy on the yard, first off need to plant the pots for the deck. It was quite the scavenger hunt in many different stores to find suitable plants this year. Of course my last stop (because they didn't have much last year) had the best selection. I'm going to have to make another round of the stores as I've now decided that the deck by the pond could use some pots too, but maybe I'll try to do some sort of perennials out there.

Dave found this snail pot that he thought I'd like on one of his many Home Depot trips. I put some Rosemary and Golden Oregano in it.

Here's one of my yard eyesores, these are the controls for the septic system and you can see one of the 4 lids to access the tanks. I thought when I did my original planting 4 years ago that I was hiding all this, but not so, in fact we finally decided to pull out the plant that was in front of the controls as it was not doing what we wanted. So I put in some new bushes which will hopefully grow up and hide this.

While shopping I found this lovely lemony yellow Calla Lily. I didn't read the requirements carefully as I now know that it will not overwinter in our garden so I need to put it in a pot and bring it indoors for the winter if I want to keep it alive - and it cost more than I thought it did.

There's usually company when I'm out in the yard.

And they aren't shy about coming up to ask where the food is. If I don't get right on it they trot over to the bird feeders and clean up what the small birds spill to the ground. Most of the time Alfred stands guard while Agnes scarfs up the food.

The new patio furniture has arrived, we actually bought wood even though it will need maintenance. The chairs will get a coat of Watco before being placed on the patio.

I always enjoy the early season yard work, but I tend to burn out by the end of June. We are really enjoying the way everything is shaping up this year, it makes a big difference having a lovely pond instead of a huge dirt hole. With an umbrella set up over the chaise lounges on the pond deck, it's a lovely place to sit and read.