Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Kim

My daughter turns 19 today. Here's a picture of her from last year with slightly longer hair. We love you sweetie!

This is the first year that she's away from home on her birthday, and I was slow about doing something about it. So it was a mad dash yesterday to get something in the mail, that just might get to her today. She just has a small, apartment mailbox, and packages require a trip to the post office, so I wanted something that would fit her mailbox. When she was home a few weeks ago, we went shopping and she spied these wild tights which are just her style. I think the color they call "white" are the ones I got.


OK, that's the weirdest thing, when I tried to embed the link to the post it kept disappearing, but it stays if I put it on it's own.

The store with the tights was across town, but I knew there was also a store nearby where I could probably find a nice card, I chose sentimental. Then I needed a 6 x 9" envelope to fit it all in, luckily there was this cute little corner drugstore and they sold individual envelopes, it cost me 25 cents. Still had to make it to the post office to give it a fighting chance to arrive today. I decided to try the downtown one, since it was closer. Not only did I find a parking place across the street, but there was no line. I asked the clerk if he had a piece of tape to seal the envelope, and he said they no longer had tape, you had to buy a roll. However, being the subversive that he was, he had saved little pieces of self sticking labels that he used to seal my envelope. We can only hope that this will be in Kim's mailbox when she makes it home after her full day of school today.