Saturday, April 21, 2007


I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve been thinking about what I should post, instigated because there’s been a round of people nominating each other for the “thinking blogger” award in the blogs I read. Now obviously I like these blogs because I read them, but while interesting and entertaining, very little is thought provoking. Deep thoughts are not part of my normal day, but it has led me to wonder if at least I could try to do some “good” writing, more than just throwing out my thoughts (like I’m doing now). This would require some serious editing, changing phrases and words to create a better picture of what I’m trying to portray. Of course the problem with that is that it takes a lot of time, and then it’s never quite good enough, so you see why I haven’t posted.

The following is my attempt at trying to portray something I observed:

The Standoff

I took my coffee cup to the sink, glanced out the window to see if our regular pair of ducks were still visiting our pond, and noticed 2 young deer in the yard. While lovely to look at most of the time (not now, they are molting or whatever you call changing from their winter to summer coat – they are all splotchy with dark and light fur) they wreck havoc in the garden, eating tender shoots. Jessie, our dog, was relaxing on her bed instead of defending the landscaping, so I sent her outside to hurry the deer from the yard. Jessie steps out on the deck and freezes. The deer freeze. Even the ducks, standing on the shore of the pond, freeze. No one wants to make the first move, the dog straining to pounce and the deer poised for flight. From my window vantage point I see the deer that is standing in my flower bed bend down to nibble on an emerging bloom. I open the door to the deck which is all the encouragement the dog needs, she races out, the deer take off in different directions, and the ducks fly back into the safety of the pond.

OK, maybe I’ll just go back to posting the drivel from my day.