Saturday, March 03, 2007


I keep going to the window to check and see if the ducks have returned. The pond was frozen over for 2 days so we haven't seen them. It's warmer now, don't they want their daily feeding of cracked corn?

I'm also waiting for inspiration for a quilt. On my design wall I have these fabrics.

I think I need the addition of some small scale prints in these colors to round out the collection, still no idea what to do with them.

And then there is my basket of brights which always call to me, especially with my new book "Collaborative Quilting" by Freddie Moran and Gwen Marston.

I probably should just start making some "parts" and see where that leads me.

And the promise of spring has lead me to dig out some large floral prints.

I'm contemplating cutting large squares out of them. Maybe bordering them with some of my brights?

Next we get to the tub of hand dyes.
These should be cut and fused into something...

Think I'll go back to the window and check for the ducks.