Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sewing Again

This weekend I decided to clean up my studio in hopes that I would be inspired. After cleaning off the work tables I started in on my fabric shelves. While going through my stack of purple fabrics I found some more large florals in the pile, which I added to the ones I gathered before. I was thinking of a simple pattern using large squares of the florals and came up with this design.

I'm just going to use the florals that are spring colors with light colored backgrounds, and border them with pink, light green, yellow or lavender. I'll keep the blue and white cornerstone blocks consistent. So far I'm pleased how it's coming out - with all of 4 blocks done!

In addition to watching the ducks, we had some other bird visitors on Sunday. After consulting a book I determined that they were Flickers.

They are a type of woodpecker, who also search for food on the ground, and that's what they were doing in the yard. We saw 3 or 4 of them Sunday morning, and then they were gone.

The ducks are still coming and going, yesterday Agnes and Alfred came by 3 times, and were hungry each trip. They waddled towards the house, I met them at the bottom of the stairs to the deck to feed them, which lasted until Jessie couldn't stand it any more and chased them back to the pond.