Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sewing in the Dark

The light on my sewing machine burned out last week, possibly because I left it on overnight. I purchased a new bulb but have been totally frustrated trying to get it in. I have a 15+ year old Pfaff 1471, the bulb goes up in this narrow space that you have to push in and turn. For some reason I can't get it lined up right to turn and lock in. I had Dave try too, though it's hard to get his larger fingers into the space, but still no luck. So I'm just going to sew on.

I have decent lighting so it's not too big a problem. I have a clip on Ott light, unfortunatley the plastic table I have my sewing machine set up on has a too thick outer edge so you can't clamp the light on.

My 16 year old son Matt went to apply for a job at a golf driving range, and the first thing the owner told him was that he had to get his hair cut. Matt accused his Dad of prompting the guy to say that, but he is now ready for a haircut. When Kim was here yesterday they looked at pictures to pick out a style, it would have helped if she had the time to stay and go with him, but she had to get back to Seattle for work today. I hope to have before and after pictures to share.

I have 16 of my floral blocks done, another 8 in progress. I'm thinking I'll go for 42 blocks (6 x 7) since they are 9" blocks it'll make a nice sized lap quilt. I'm starting to think about border options, probably a pieced border to set off the large floral squares.

If you haven't seen this, here's a cute video of Nora the cat playing the piano.