Saturday, January 20, 2007


The first 2 weeks of January were cold and snowy. One of Dave's projects has been to build a duck rest for our pond, a place where they can get out of the water, but be protected from our dog and other creatures. Of course the question was how to get this platform out into the middle of the pond. When it froze over Dave thought he could just walk it out there. When he first proposed it I vetoed it, I knew his plan was to have Matt, who is much lighter than him, walk it out, and I did not want Matt falling through the ice, even if the pond is only 5' deep. But after a couple more days of below freezing temperatures, Dave was ready.

Since he had proved the ice was frozen enough, he sent out Matt with the platform.
We are now waiting for the ice to melt to see it float.

Here is a picture of tracks in the snow made by our dog and whatever other animals have been frequenting our yard. I really liked the branching pattern.