Monday, January 29, 2007

Linda's Quilt

Going back to New Year's Eve, we were invited over to some friends house for a small get together. They had just completed a sun room addition on to their log cabin, and were anxious to show it off. About 2:00 in the afternoon I came up with the idea that it would be neat to bring along a "room warming" present, and thought I could quickly put together a quilted pillow. My plan was to sew together a bunch of strips in greens and browns, which would be remicent of the forest outside the windows.

Best laid plans and all, but I did get the top done, and took it over that evening to show Linda. She thought she would rather have it as a small wall hanging instead of a pillow, a change I could easily handle.

I decided that a rectangle would be better than the square I had done, so I added a few more rows, this time squares.

Then I was left with the quilting, which tends to hand me up. My original plan was just to do vertical stripes, to look like tree trunks, but that didn't seem enough.

You can see a little of the vertical quilting, but on the lower part there is also some shapes like fern fronds. I wasn't very pleased with it when I finished, but later when it was sitting on the table and the sun hit it just right to really show the quilting, I felt better.

Just a small project - but IT'S DONE. Guess I'd better take it over to Linda.