Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas Block

My small quilt group has a party for our December meeting each year. Each of us brings a Christmas themed quilt block, and the group of blocks goes home with the person who wins the drawing. If you've won before you are not eligible, this year there are just 2 of us left who have never won, so we decided that we would each do 2 blocks so that both Ann and I would finally win.

Here are my 2 blocks. We play a game guessing who made each block, so I didn't want to do 2 of the same blocks, and was further challenged to not use any of the same fabrics in both blocks. Now as I look at my applique block the scale doesn't seem right, but those are suppose to be cranberries.

This second block turned out to be harder than I though mainly because of some miscalculations on my part. I originally started a different block, made some of the components, then realized that the finished block was going to be 8" instead of the required 12". I started over on a completely different block and again had a calculation error with the last border, but at least they are now done. And one of them will come back home with me along with 11 others. Won't that be fun!

Now if I could only figure out what to bring for our potluck lunch.