Tuesday, October 31, 2006

First Frost

We're having a cold spell, night time temperatures down to the low 20's, so yesterday I went up to the garden and picked the last of the tomatoes. This is way more tomatoes that we usually get, but it's been a warm dry summer, and fall.

Maybe it's the cold, but I've been drawn to yarn lately and I was thinking a hat would be a good small project to take care of my craving. A local store was having a sale so I went in, talk about a fish out of water, I felt so uncomfortable, not like a quilt store where I can go in and immediately feel at home, never hesistate to jump into a conversation. But in the crowded yarn store I slunk my way between groups, finally picked out a yarn for my hat.

The next day driving home from a soccer game with my friend who had mentioned a few weeks ago that she would also like to take up knitting again, I told her about the sale and off we went. This was a much better experience (maybe having a friend along?) and I came away with MORE yarn and some new needles.

So this is how far I am along with the hat, I guess it's about time to try and find some instructions, I think I need to start decreasing soon.