Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 Wrap Up

I need to finish up 2012 before I can dive into the new year.

What Knots annual Christmas party/luncheon, hosted by Marian and her daughter Martha.

One of the party activities is that everyone brings a block, made to that year's theme.  It originally was Christmas until everyone that was in the group at the time won the blocks, since then we've been changing up the theme each year.    The above quilt is Georgi's, made from the blocks she won.  We always enjoy seeing these quilts each year and remembering all who made the blocks.

Here's is Ann's quilt.

Ann and I were the last 2 to get Christmas blocks (the same year) and here's what I've done with mine.  Yes, nothing, but everyone was very helpful with ideas of how to arrange them.

A number of friends received these owl pin cushions as gifts.

And here is Milo in a favorite spot under the Christmas tree.  I had my left hip replaced just before Thanksgiving so I had a great excuse for not doing too much holiday prep.  Dave really stepped up decorating the tree and doing the garlands around the windows.

I did get everything put away and am now ready to dive into the new year,  full of resolutions like more exercise, more creativity and just being a better person.