Monday, November 05, 2012

Late Dahlias

This first picture is what you normally expect to see this time of year.  We've been having very mild temperatures so far, no freezing yet.  This is my mini crab apple tree in full glory.

Unexpectedly, I still have dahlia's blooming.  There are a couple that because of their late start, are now having their first blooms.  When I planted them I documented all the names with a stick and what I thought was a permanent marker, but the names have disappeared, so I'm recreating my record.  I so wisely made a list of the dahlias I purchased this year.

It's blurry, but since it may be the only bloom, here is Carl Chilsom

This is September Morn.  The colors on these late flowers are a bit washed out, if they survive till next year they should be more intense.

Bright Star
And yes, I've decided not to dig up my bulbs this year.  The plants that bloomed the earliest and most were the ones I missed from last year.  We'll see what happens in Spring.

Maybe my last bouquet, then again, maybe not.