Saturday, March 19, 2011

Long Arm Quilter


Happy National Quilting Day!  An appropriate occasion to show you my new toy, a Voyager 17 long arm quilting machine.voyager

The view from the other side, just because.

And just so you know, that quilt on the machine is already done and ready for binding!

voyager 2


Here is Matt helping to take the machine apart at it’s original home.  It was one of those times when the planets aligned, and I knew I should accept what was offered.  I wasn’t actively searching for a quilting machine, but a sewing machine store flyer that I got in the mail prompted me to look up some machines on the internet.  As long as I was there I decided to see if anything was available on Craig’s List, and there was my machine.

I have a pile of quilt tops just waiting to be done.  I have no ambition or confidence to quilt for other people.  Since I bought the machine used, and it’s a very basic model, I don’t feel pressured to always have something going on it and just plan to enjoy!