Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tie Dye


At Dave’s Company picnic each year, they have a Chili Cook-off that he participates in.  Each year there is a theme, this year it is “Purple Haze” so he wants his team member to all dress 60’s style.T2

I volunteered to make Tie-Dye T-shirts for the team.  I had some dye already mixed (I forgot to write down the measurements when I mixed it) so I just swirled the t-shirts and squirted on dye.  I did them in 3 separate batches, wanting to see my results before the next batch.T3


While he is cooking chili, I’ll be taking quilting classes.  I’m attending the Association of Pacific West Quilters (APWQ) Symposium at Evergreen College, in Olympia, WA, Thursday through Sunday.  It should be wonderful, a glorious setting for lots of fun and inspiration. 

It has been pretty cool lately, but the weather is suppose to change tomorrow with temps getting into the 80s, maybe warmer as the weekend progresses.  Evergreen is a “green” college, i.e. no air conditioning, so it could be interesting.  I’m packing a fan.