Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pond “Remodel”


The time has come for a major revamp of our pond to add more filtering, which will eventually give us clearer water.  We will then be able to see the goldfish, and maybe even use it for summertime recreation – floating on the pond.

The first step was some excavating, I guess I forgot to take pictures of that process.  Dave dug out area to create 2 bog filters, plus a ditch for the pipes to run.remodel 1

On the far end of the pond 2 skimmer boxes have been installed.  The pumps will pull water in through these boxes, then the water goes through the pipe up to the bogs.remodel 2

This is the felt liner in the holes, that’s Matt with his back to us and Kevin the guy who designed it and sold us all the equipment.remodel 3

The liner was then unfolded and tucked into the bogs.  Glad I was just taking the pictures, very hot in the sun on black rubber.remodel 4

The excess liner on this side was cut off.remodel 5

remodel 6

Next these culvert pieces, that have slits in the top, were arranged in the holes.  The water gets pumped into these culverts, then will flow up through the slits.remodel 7

The next step is to cover these culverts with gravel.  In the “best laid plans” manner, Dave braced the culverts thinking that the truck could dump the gravel into the bog and it would flow around the culvert.remodel 8

Instead the gravel pushed the culvert out of the way. 

remodel 9


Now all the gravel in this bog will have to be shoveled out so that the culvert can be put back in position.

That’s where it stands of this morning.  Dave is actually going to have some fun for 2 days of his vacation, going on a golf road trip with a bunch of guys to watch the Senior Open down near Seattle.  A well deserved break!