Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wet Yard

The Pacific Northwest has had a lot of rain this spring.  We had some lovely sunshine early on, which gave me high hopes for my flower garden, but many of my annuals, zinnias and cosmos, have literally melted away.  Today is suppose to be a brief break with a record setting high for the year of 75 degrees, but while I’m waiting for the sun to warm the yard, I thought I’d show some pictures I took yesterday afternoon when the rain finally stopped.


Iris with raindrops, they’ve put on a great show and are about done.


My first Peony to fully open.  I should have lots more from today’s sunshine, the plants are heavy with buds. 


Blue Delphinium at it’s best.

sweet william

Perennial Sweet Williams, a consistent early spring bloomer.  Thank you!


Milky Way Dogwood, this is our first bloom.  When I purchased and planted the tree last year I posted a picture that I found on the internet of what it would look like, and that post is the most looked at one of my blog for some reason.  These blooms are really on our small tree, they are all on the top so I held the camera over the tree and snapped.


Another regular volunteer this lovely columbine.

pink daisy

They are pink!  Who knew.  I planted this perennial 4 years ago, it comes up early and is a favorite of slugs, so I never have seen blooms before.  The plant managed to get big enough this year before the slugs came out in force, to bloom.  A storm caused the plant to lay over against the deck, but I’m thrilled to just see flowers on it.


        Lovely texture in the natural vegetation.  Although I was using the close up setting on my camera, I didn’t get good detail in this shot, I’ll have to learn how to do that better.  On the far left you see some jagged nettle leaves.  Peeking out from the leaves on the upper left are some interesting berries.  The wild Queen Annes Lace is thriving in the yard this year, there is one that is probably 10 feet tall, it will be a nuisance soon but I’ll enjoy it for now.  And Ferns, gotta love the ferns.