Monday, November 02, 2009

Art Every Day Month


I’m going to try and participate in the Art Every Day challenge for the month of November.  The rules are very loose, and I’m posting this before I go do all the official stuff, just to get me going.

And, in the perfect timing category, I finally got “The Artist’s Way” from the library.

Yesterday I was out in the yard, these leaves on the Smoke Tree caught my eye, so I made my rounds with the camera.


smoke tree

I do love color and texture, the leaves, the moss, and the rocks.


The last few Zinnias still blooming.


And these Dahlias are still going strong.


I just love the leaves of this scented geranium.  I tried to get one started from a cutting, but it didn’t root, I guess I can try again.

pink dahlia




crab apples

These are mini crab apples, about the size of a quarter.


Interesting texture from the wood pile.  I’m please with my photography.  My other creative efforts of the day included a batch of apple sauce and a round of dried apple slice in the dehydrator.  I’d call day 1 a success!