Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Quilts from Innovations

Category: Teacher Quilts
Majestic Bugs by Irena Bluhm, Antlers OK
size: 104" x 107"
"This quilt is a whole cloth with painted surface. Top and back 100% cotton sateen. Colored pencils were used for color application after all quilting was complete. Step-by-step instructions for this quilt are in the book "Start With a Blank Slate" by Irena Bluhm"

Category: Pictorial
Painted Ladies by Jo Banner, Bellingham, WA
size: 19.75" x 16.5"
"This quilt was inspired by a snapshot that I took at a street fair. I wanted to capture the mischievous personalities that was evident in their faces. Not knowing how to do that, it waited until I took a class from Hollis Chatelain. The entire quilt surface is hand painted with Procion dyes. It is free motion quilted on my Bernina"

Category: Pictorial
Woodlands Bay Leaf by Beverly Dunivent, Olympia, WA
size: 32" x 32"
"Began in a class with Ruth McDowell. I found the original leaf on the trail to the Woodards Bay historic log dump site and knew it would make a great quilt."

Category: Pictorial
The Shipley Corner by Linda Nelson Johnson, Moscow ID
size: 12" x 12"
"The Shipley Corner many years ago, my brother and I celebrated our home by carving pumpkins to set on every fence post surrounding the yard. We used every candle we could find to light up the night. This quilt celebrated that memory, family and the warmth of a loving home. This is an original design"

Category: Teacher's Quilts
by Dian Keepers - Centralia, WA, 36" x 42".
"This project was a class I gave. When I was done I decided to fill in the background with ink pens. I inked the back of the quilt because I didn't think this would do the entire quilt. After 12 ink pens I finished. Then I decided I would add crystals in areas that need color. I just want to say the crystals are not to cover up bad stitching, just to add bling."

Category: New Quilter (less than 1 year experience)
Muted Transitions quilted by Susan James, Fircrest WA, pieced by Linda Ziemer

I didn't note the quilter on this one, but I like the design.