Monday, September 07, 2009

A Few Pictures

I took a few more pictures today and downloaded all that I have taken this week.

Did you celebrate National Marshmallow Toasting Day on August 30? We did, and made S'Mores out of them.
We are going to have quite a crop of apples this year. Our tree is grafted with 4 different kinds of apples (and no, I don't remember what they are). I made several Apple Crisps this week, and broke my Apple Peeler/Corer, so I ordered a new one so I can deal with this bounty.

Arty crop of a Dahlia picture.
I'm not sure if it was all the rain or the fact that we fed them, but the Goldfish are showing themselves finally. We've hardly seen them all summer.
Lots of Goldfish!
I had spread some batting and a small quilt out on my bed to measure and cut the batting. Of course Milo had to sit in the middle of things.