Friday, August 28, 2009

Studio Remodel - phase 1

desk The studio remodel is a go. I’m doing it in sections, which should also help the organization of my supplies. This is the before picture of my desk/computer/home office area. I never seem to have any open surface to work on so the plan is:

1. Remove Hutch – the upper part of the desk that really cuts up the surface. And yes the huge scanner has to go, I want to get a new printer scanner combo, possibly wireless and maybe put it in the drawer because I want to:

2. Create more counter space. After the hutch is removed we are going to have a counter top made that goes over this complete “L”shape, it will cover the cracks where the pieces join, also it will be a little bit wider than the base to give me more surface. I plan to put the computer on the floor, Dave said he’ll make a base so it isn’t sitting on the carpet and is a little higher. The monitor will go to the right (yes I’ll have to do something about the keyboard) because now I have my back to the window.

3. On the wall I want a large bulletin board so I can tack up interesting pictures and inspirations. I have visions of a creative collage.

4. Also I want a wall mounted shelf for books and to help keep my desk top clear (I can dream)