Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sock Summit Wrap-up

This post was several days in the making, I keep getting lost on the Ravelry board reading every one's comments and following links to pictures and video. There is a list of some of my favorites at the bottom of this post.

Blogger joys: You arrange your pictures in a certain order and Blogger does something where they load differently. I really did plan to have these in a better order, but I'm not going to rearrange now.

This is the mini sock necklace I wore.

At the Guinness World Record attempt. I stole this picture from this blog because that's my back, standing in the yellow shirt. I was a ticket taker for the event, we took tickets to verify the number of people and then in front of everyone and the judges and witnesses, we turned them in.

For more information about this there are several news stories online, two at Oregon Live (also here) and one from Channel 6 which was way to cutesy.

Some cute quotes:
When Tina was about to call time on the Guinness attempt – “Just one more row!”

Me (trying to be grateful but not fangirl) to Yarn Harlot:”Thank you thank you thank you - I’m having a great time!”
Yarn Harlot: “No, Thank you. Think what an idiot I’d look like if you hadn’t come!”

Another stolen picture. This is the line up for the Market Place when it first opened, at the end of classes on Thursday. I think that was the most crowded time. While everyone was waiting Stephanie led them in "99 skeins of Yarn on the wall" (link to video)

From my class with Cat Bordhi, she would have us come up in groups to watch her knit.

Cat with her demonstration sock.

Back side of mug I bought (I told you Blogger rearranged my pictures)

Front of mug from Jennie the Potter
Here's the yarn that came home with me, I was quite restrained.

1st skein : from Briar Rose
Next 2: Zauberball Crazy Sock yarn
Then 3 skeins of Socks that Rock from
And last (it was on sale) from

These were the stitch markers I took to swap. I found some cute umbrella charms at a bead store. Then I went into my stash of polymer clay bead I made a number of years ago. I let people choose which one they wanted and the polymer clay beads were very popular.

The gentleman at the Skacel booth was knitting 7 pairs of socks on one very long (I think 120") circular needle. There's more on the internet about this, I just don't have a link right now.

Several stories from sock summit are being written about on blogs and Ravelry:

The young woman who was sitting next to me in Cat's class brought her wedding veil that she was knitting. She got many of the knitting luminaries to knit on it including Barbara Walker. Check out her blog post which has a link to her Flickr pictures.

One woman impaled herself on straight knitting needles, the paramedics had to be called, they cut the needle off with huge bolt cutters and took her to the hospital. She was back quickly and only has a band-aid to show, but quite the story.

More Quotes:

As my friend Lucy Neatby says, if someone is down by your feet examining your socks closely and criticizes them… just kick them in the face. - Cat Bordhi

Just as the bird’s wing evolved to fly, the human hand evolved to manipulate. An idle hand is not a happy hand. We really need to use our hands; they’re not happy if they’re not doing something. -Barbara Walker

If knitting were widespread, we probably wouldn’t have wars. -Cat Bordhi

In the context of starting an independent business: All you have to know is the one next step. -Deborah Robson

Responding to the question “How did you end up in this business?” I was brainwashed. -Meg Swansen (daughter of Elizabeth Zimmermann)

I had no income, which is kind of liberating, because if you haven’t got anything, then you’ve got nothing to lose. -Lucy Neatby

When asked what was the most important knitting thing she learned from Elizabeth Zimmerman: You are in charge of your own knitting. -Meg Swansen

and my favorite… Question: Do you think that was easier or harder because you’re a woman? Answer: I don’t know. I’ve never been a man. -Meg Swansen

A couple more links:

The Knitmore Girls

and a You Tube Video Report

If any of my links don't work, please let me know so I can fix them. That's it, back to normal life.