Friday, June 19, 2009

Things to make you smile

This dancing baby image came in one of those multi-forwarded e-mails, but I just love the expression on the baby's face.
Things that are blooming. I am so bad about remembering the names of plants, I've decided to make a picture file for easy reference. But I'm going to post this even though I haven't looked up the name yet, but when I do it will go into that file!

edit: Name of the plant is Peek-a-boo Deutzia
Same as above, a view of the bush.
This is called a Warburg Daisy, but that may not be the correct spelling.
*** correction: "Wartburg Star" Aster tongolensis
Aren't these the sweetest little flowers, and they are tiny. I'm still trying to figure out what encourages it to bloom, I'm thinking regular watering really helps.