Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday Roundup

Yesterday Matt graduated (with honors) from high school. That weird yellow thing in the picture is an arrow I added to show you where he is. Luckily he was sitting next to a very tall boy, so every time I lost him, I was able to orient on his neighbor. Click on the picture to see it bigger.
Happy kids.
This is an in progress disappearing 9-patch. Each of the What Knot's members made me a 9 patch block in yellow and red. I still have to make my block, but I like this arrangement. Each month a different member gives their preferences and we each make a block. The finished quilts will be donated to the local cancer center, part of the Bonnie's Team Project.
Peonies, Lilacs and blue sky. These are the first of my Peonies to open. The lilacs are almost done, they smell so heavenly.
Bee on a pink lupine (lower right hand corner if you can't find him)
Field of Buttercups. I subscribe to a blog where people post pictures of plants they can't identify. One man posted a buttercup, describing it as something that just came up, but he loves. They are so invasive in my yard. I root them out of the flower beds, but in the area beyond where we mow they are everywhere.