Thursday, May 14, 2009

Around the Yard

I seem to have gotten out of the blog habit, I wrote this post a few weeks ago and let it sit.   Here’s some yard pictures and a Milo story.


bleeding heart

These are wild Bleeding hearts.  It’s hard to photograph their delicate beauty and the lovely spread of these flowers.  Soon they will be done and the area they are in will get overgrown.


Dave leaves for work at 5 am, and Milo kitty enjoys helping him get ready to go. When Dave’s gone Milo has no one to play with as the rest of the household is sleeping.  His usual routine is to come into the bedroom where Jessie dog and I are still trying to snooze, and he then attacks the window blinds which makes Jessie nervous and I have to get up to let her outside.


rhodie blossom

Opening buds on a Rhododendron


Dave started putting Milo outside before he left and that gave us some lovely quiet time.  When I got up I’d let Milo back in for our morning fun.  But there came a morning when Milo hadn’t shown up by the time I left for work, which had me concerned.



rhodie bloom

First bloom to fully open.


So I’m wandering around the yard after work, and I can hear a faint Meow.  I finally locate the source in a group of trees surrounded by brush.  I was not able to pinpoint which tree Milo was in even after bush wacking around  for a better view.  I finally decided to just work in a flower bed near by and hope he would come down.   

blue flower    Matt comes home and repeats my performance trying to at least determine where Milo is, but no luck.  So we give up, and go inside.  About a half hour later, when I was getting a bit panicky, Milo bolts out of the bushes and calmly saunters around the house.  He was probably in the tree for at least 8 hours, but he acted like nothing was wrong.  At least till the next morning when Dave offered to let him out at 5 am, no way was he going.  He was very quiet most of the day.

crab apple blossoms

Crab Apple blossoms about to open.

But the following day he was ready to go again.  This was Saturday and my plan was to get outside early to plant the vegetable garden.  He picked a different tree this time and I was able to locate him, and see that he had very easy access, lots of branches to make his way down on.  I went about my business and we “talked” across the yard about his predicament.    I finished by lunchtime and calmly went inside, about 15 minutes later, guess who shows up at the door wanting in.


blank slate

Here’s my blank slate,I wonder what it will look like as the plants grow.