Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yard Update


Look at this gorgeous pile of Dairy Compost.  The picture makes it seem smaller than it is, there are 5 yards of compost piled there, lovely gorgeous compost.  And sweet farmer boy Nathan delivered it, he hopped out of the dump truck, offered his hand and introduced himself.  I think he delivered the load we got 3 years ago, I remember that shiny face and bright smile.

pear blossom

Although a pile of manure makes me very happy, you might like to see prettier things.  Here on some blossoms on the pear tree.

peach blossom

The peach tree is blooming too!  Potential fruit.


wild rose

I think this is some type of wild rose bush, very prolific on our property.  The tiny blossoms are very pretty for a short time.

white flower


Right now the name of this shrub escapes me, but it’s full of lovely tiny white blooms and one of the few evergreen shrubs in the yard that survived this past winter.