Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Unfortunately I haven't been doing anything blog worthy this week, but I found this cute photo this morning.

Then I read Diane's Going to Pieces Blog and she talked about a game where you Google the phrase "Unfortunately (insert your name here)" and see what you get.

Unfortunately, Karen didn't get to sing, but she got her fill of dances.

Unfortunately, Karen had ridden for awhile on a tire going flat

Unfortunately, Karen knew very little about the competitive crafts industry

unfortunately! karen said the queen looks like a limousine bee.

Unfortunately, Karen's ex-boyfriend, Rossi, is getting out of jail and he wants his Ducatti, his .44 Magnum and his sixty grand back.

Unfortunately Karen seems to have picked up a bit of a cold from the whole experience

Unfortunately, Karen seems to have become obsessed with her role in the band and how she thinks she has the hardest job in the band.

Unfortunately, Karen had misread the tide table so we ended up slopping out to the boat through mangrove swamps, ankle deep in lukewarm

These other Karen's have a much more exciting life.