Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Roundup

While the snow drifts down (it’s melting immediately)…happy family Yesterday we went to Seattle to spend the day with Kim and celebrate Dave’s birthday.

facesSuch happy??? faces

milo and seedlingsLook, I’ve got seedlings! Milo is about to get a squirt from the water bottle. They are in the laundry room and this year I am keeping the room a little warmer which I think helped the quick germination. I have to keep the door closed to keep the cats out and the loads of wash help keep it nice and humid in there.

rust gemmaThis is the new Gemma Beret I’m working on, and yes Milo is helping here too, he was all over everything I was doing this morning, now he’s hiding somewhere sleeping it off.

b sweater

Current status of the baby sweater. The back is complete and I’ve knit a few inches of the front.