Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quilt Show Report - page 3

Here's the last set of pictures from the Quilt show. I photograph quilts that inspire me to create, although I love intricate mariner's compasses and applique, I have no plans to do them anytime soon, so I can enjoy them but I don't take pictures.

This quilt and the one below were part of the membership challenge which was to use a recognizable piece of the challenge fabric and then make a quilt that was predominately red and green. "Challenging Leaves" by Leona Broers (yes, I wrote it down).
"Apple of my Eye" by Mary Ellen Lemen, I love the gradations of the fabrics.

"Hen Party Fever" by Elaine Colvin. Inspiration for this quilt was "Jungle Fever" by Karen Montgomery. 112" x 112"

"Second Hand Pajamas" by Dorothy LeBoeuf. Designed using thrift store fabrics. 67" x 68"

"Putting on the Glitz" by Sim Wisser - a group quilt for an auction. Pattern is from the book "Weekend Wonders" by Pamela Mostek. 65" x 75"

Can you tell I'm attracted to quilts with squares and circles, and scrappy fabrics?