Friday, January 02, 2009

More Yarn

My local yarn store, Apple Yarns, had a sale on New Year's morning, 30% off everything in the store. Now, I don't really need any yarn at the moment, but I was thinking if I wanted to make another sweater, it would be good to buy the yarn on sale, since a sweater takes so much.

The day before I met up with some friends to knit at Starbucks, which just happens to be right next to Apple Yarns, so we decided to go have a look and I fell in love with this very expensive yarn.
After much debate I decide to splurge and get it, of course it snowed overnight but Dave was willing to drive me down our icy driveway. I quickly grabbed the skeins I needed and checked out before there was even a line, I refused to even look at any other yarn
The yarn is called River Twist by Mountain Colors, 100% Merino Wool, hand painted. There are so many lovely colors twisted into this yarn, I know I'm going to love knitting with it.
I finally got a decent picture of my second fan scarf, this yarn also happens to be by Mountain Colors, one of their sock line called Bearfoot. The scarf is very soft.