Saturday, August 09, 2008


Yesterday I drove down to Seattle to see the APNQ (Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters) show. It was in a new location, the Convention Center, which was wonderful, lots of room.

As luck would have it, the batteries on my camera went dead fairly early on, I was so sure that there was enough charge in them that I didn't bring along spares. However, APNQ is selling CD's of all the quilts, so pictures are available, just check on their web site to order. I did manage to take photo's of the top awards.

Best Machine Workmanship - "Moonlight Sonata" by Barbara Shapel. It's a gorgeous piece, last winter I saw a show of her work at the LaConner Quilt Museum and they were all fabulous.
Best Hand Workmanship - "Summer Afternoon" by Connie Ayers.
Best Use of Color - "Hanging by a Thread" by Bonnie Keller. The description of this quilt from the catalog is: Inspired by a portrait class with Bonnie Keller, our group first made traditional portraits, then challenged ourselves to use different focus colors of Kaffe Fasset fabrics. I don't understand, but it sounds like this is a group quilt.
Best of Show "Poppy Soliloquy" by Sandra Leichner. Truly fabulous.
Really the quilt was straight, just me tilted. All pictures can be clicked for a larger view.
Detail Shot.

This quilt really caught my attention, and also these 2 ladies, I waited probably 5 minutes for them to move so I could take a picture but they were entranced. Those square were reverse applique, a really nice quilt.
Slices of Life in Whatcom County by Jo Baner, Megan Best, Jan Furrenes, Paula Graham and Dianna Sarich.

My general impression of the show was that it was really good, but it didn't seem to have a lot of WOW quilts, don't get me wrong they were all fabulous. This show tends to be heavy with Art Quilts, but this year there seemed more traditional. I'm not sure if that was what was submitted, or if that was the jurists preference. I wasn't particularly wowed either with any of the Special Exhibits, hum, maybe it was just my mood that day. Lots of vendors, I almost made it through without buying anything, but one purchase broke the dam. Just a few "Souvenir" pieces of fabric, that's all.