Sunday, May 04, 2008

Need to Share

You know how sometimes you are working on something and you are pleased with how it's coming together and you want to show someone? Well you guys are it, I could call Matt down from his computer and get a monosyllable comment but instead I'll waste time with pictures to show it here.

This is another pillow top for Kim. When I was going through blogs this morning Brenda showed this quilt that she made, I really like it and thought a small version would be a great pillow. This is 15" square, the blocks are 3" x 5".

I am still using the set of fabrics I purchased to "decorate" Kim's apartment.
Here's the other 2 pillows, the bird will cover a pillow she already has and now seeing them all together I think they are looking a bit too alike. Oh, well.

Now I'm trying to decide whether I should quilt this or just make it into a pillow as is.

The promised sun is starting to peak through so I'm off to do some yard work.