Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Knitting Done

Last night I cast off the final stitches of Mr. Greenjeans sweater.

This is a recreation of the pile I left it in on the Ottoman, there wasn't enough light there for a picture. I still need to weave in the yarn ends, block it, obtain and sew on buttons (I made 3 button holes instead of just the one the pattern called for. I did try it on this morning and it seems to fit, but I didn't look in the mirror. Do you see that little pile of yarn to the left, that is all that I had left over, yikes I cut it close.
Here's some plants I purchased on Friday with the best intentions of getting my deck pots planted, but the weather has not been encouraging. I did manage to weed the vegetable beds, Dave gave them a final work over and planted the starts I bought. Soon I will venture up to see how they look in their new home.
More flowers for pots, and I bought a catnip plant. So far it's not getting much attention
Here's my little zinnias that I grew from seed under my grow light. These are the best looking of all the plants I started and I moved them outside a few days ago. Don't have to worry about hardening them off in this dreary weather, and they seem OK with the cold.
So when I downloaded the pictures off my camera this morning I found a group of Sophie pictures, Matt must have followed her around the yard. She is intent on something she wants to pounce on, there's a bird feeder nearby .
Coyly hiding behind the fern frond, I'm sure those birdies can't see her back there.