Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Here is new quilter Linda's second quilt, that's 2 quilts completed in less than 3 months. Isn't it lovely! Also this one is gone, it went with her daughter, back to college after spring break. Not only is she speedy with her projects, but she's generous too!
I left my row quilt on the floor for a few days and the dog thought it looked comfy. I have since put it back in it's box, still unfinished.
Morning surprise, about 30 minutes of snow which left things covered in white for awhile.
Along with the snow can you see the trellis Dave made for me? It's made from Alder saplings that he harvested from our property. I love sweet peas and I'm determined to do them right this year and have a successful "crop". The seeds are in the ground, glad they like "cooler" weather. I have plans to sow more seeds in about a month.
I have set my B-Line frame up with the intention of doing some machine quilting. Progress has been slower than I expected what with remembering how to do it and my sore muscles from the weeding I accomplished. Just need to thread and test the machine and get rolling.
As I was taking the frame picture Sophie kitty decided to see what was up. She finds the hanging batting very intriguing (I keep it up on the table when I'm not working on it to avoid temptation). Here she is under the table eyeing the edge. Right after I took this picture she made a flying leap, grabbed the table edge and hung there squirming until she figured out that she wasn't going to be able to get on the table and just let go. It was very amusing.