Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yarn Swift

What is that thing?
It's a yarn swift, you use it to hold your skein of yarn to wind it into a ball. As I was once again trying to wind my yarn, using the lay it out on a table and go slow so you don't get it all knotted method, I decided to check out yarn swifts on the internet. I had previously only seen the umbrella type, so I was so jazzed when I saw one similar to this because I knew my handy husband could easily make me one. It didn't take any cajoling, he dove right in, found some gorgeous teak in his "stash" and created this lovely piece for me.
Here we have it posed outside in the sun. Yes!!! We had SUN today which got us all outside for a little yard work. My major project was to plant the daffodil bulbs that I had dug up last July.
Even though they have sat in a basket since then, most looked healthy, many even had started to sprout. If they all grow well I'll have some lovely spring time presents.